Sunday, June 05, 2005

Welcome new readers!

I was really happy to find out this blog was recommended by the hispanic (Colombian) magazine Semana. To those of you streaming in from there: this blog has a fairly primitive structure - it is not ordered by themes or tags. Please forgive the linearity, and try exploring the archives (see sidebar), as well as making use of the Google searchbox. Any comments, also to the older articles, are always welcome! As you can see, I post new things on average once a day.


James Stanfield said...

Cool! Congratulations on the listing Vvoi.

sophiabento said...

It's good to know. Congratulations and keep on going!


Hello VVOI

It's a great column you have here with art expression.

I would like to tell you that is Colombian and not Columbian, je je

vvoi said...

*blush* of course it is... I'll correct it right away, but keep the comment.


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