Thursday, June 02, 2005

4 Fine Art Pics

(I couldn't find anything about the author of above work. His name is Bob Cromer, and he might be the person listed here or here)

(from the Isitart? page)


gaw3 said...

I really like the installation on the top- (half-casts of human torsos). I can't see, is it possible to walk between the rows? Do the casts belong to different people?

vvoi said...

Usually yes, it is possible to walk between the rows (though it depends on the particular installation). The casts are always unique, and I'm not really sure if they're casts of actual people - I doubt it, knowing Abakanowicz's other work (see link on picture). I might write about her some more, I have also come to like her recently (before I thought of her as just another sad Polish artist, which I'm afraid she is anyway)


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