Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Going away.

Bruce Busby, Creativity Enhancement Shelter #BMCD702 (2002)
Note: circular door with reintroduction portholes
Nylon fabric, Aluminum poles, thermoplastic
10' diameter base, 10' high

RECOMMENDED USAGE: Fifteen minutes of splendid isolation inside a self-supporting Filter Tent

FUNCTION: The static action of the tent's lightweight fabric membrane activates reconfiguration solely through location airflow. Strategically placed intake vents increase airflow through the static action membranes. Coerced location airflow channels the transformed constructive particle formations by way of reintroduction chutes or mesh portals.

BENEFITS: Enhance creativity and build immunity to multi-faceted chaos and creativity limiting commerce driven negotiations. Protect against (1) energy and imagination draining CIEI including Oxydipostulatoxigen (MicroFictional Categorical Capacity), (2) visual distraction and elemental compromise (now scale), (3) conceptual criticism (functional validity is indisputable) (MacroFunctional Capacity). Combines the necessary influx of function with the urgency (currency) of Art. Portability encourages widespread installation.

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