Monday, June 13, 2005

(Off topic) Santo Antonio

Santo António is the patron of Lisbon, and his day is celebrated with a great deal of festivities here. That means 3-4 days of party. I didn't go to the old part of Lisbon last night - there are too many people for my taste, it is simply impossible to move once you're on the street - literally. But the nights before, the partying was already happening. People dancing on the tiny streets and stairs of the old district of Alfama, grilled sardines, lots of sangria, noise, music, from traditional fado to modern plastic disco. Delightful. (To get the feel of it, play both videos at the same time. Quicktime required)

1 comment:

Hungry Hyaena said...

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the Quicktime to work. Sounds fun, though I too struggle with big crowds.


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