Sunday, June 26, 2005

Move around, be the art

Feedtank is a collective of artists using technology to create interactive, playful spectacles. Their inventions have all to do with movement and image, and more precisely, with creating through the interaction with an image.
The three works they have been promoting are: Dance Floor Moves, a projected interactive dance floor, Full Body Games, computer games combining virtual with physical space and movement, and TransPose, a digital musical instrument that allows the musician to create music by moving around.
What I like about Feedtank is that they manage to keep a fun, clearly entertaining spirit in the diverse areas they work in. At the same time, the work could go beyond the "fun". So far, Discovery Channel included them in an episode about gadgets. Now that they can certainly make a living out of it, I'm expecting something more.

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Anonymous said...

Deja Vu!!! Who said those who forget history are condemned to repeat...?

Exactly the same thing was done in the early 90's by the Vincent John Vincent and the Vivid Group, and it was called the Mandala system. It was at Ars Electronica in ... wait for it....1990!


Also See

Form that site:

"Techsplanation: What is Mandala?

Standing in front of a video monitor, a camera instantly displays your entire body onto that monitor so that, as if in a mirror, you view yourself in a "virtual environment." When you move, your discarnate body on the monitor moves and, thanks to a computer linked to a real-time digitizer, you can manipulate and interact with the icons, graphics and animations around you. For example, if there is a drum kit in front of you, you could reach out to where your video-self could beat the animated skin. This will trigger the appropriate sound in real time. It is unencumbered VR -- you don't have to wear or hold anything. With this exciting, particular interpretation of the VR concept, The Vivid Group is a world leader in the field of virtual reality."


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