Sunday, May 29, 2005

Work-in-progress in the movie business

At John August's excellent blog about screenwriting, you'll find some great advice for becoming a successful screenwriter (Hollywood style). One of the tips is - try and show your work-in-progress to as many people as possible. I find it fascinating how different the pragmatic, scarily down-to-earth approach is from the artsy oh-so-inspired talk I'm used to.
Try this one:
a screenplay has a short window of opportunity once it goes out, and that if it doesn’t sell, writers need to learn to let go and move on. They can’t live off the hope of that one script forever. Instead, they need to keep producing new material. Keep writing — don’t sit around and wait for the sale or the next assignment.
"Assignment". That is so amusing. I sincerely adore this attitude. Is there ever going to be some harmony, some cohesion between the film industry approach and the fine arts/theater one? (Is it all about the money?)

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