Friday, May 13, 2005

Transparent billboards

Transparent billboards in Bordeaux



John said...

Wow, those are kinda cool! I wish I had gotten a chance to work on something like that when I was in the billboard industry.

Alas, the closest we ever came to something like that was when we were experimenting with backlit material. We printed one image on one side then another image reversed on the other side with something slightly changed in the image. So when it was put in a special backlit frame and the light was turned off and on it looked like the image moved, like the old flip-book concept.

The example we were following was a bus depot ad for Guinness in which when the light was off the pint was empty, but as soon as you turned the light on the pint was full with Guiness' logo in the middle of the glass. It was a cool concept. Too bad our management had no idea how to market it.

Jordan said...

My hopes are these come from you, then I could come close enough to thank the one who is making a whole lot of sense.


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