Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Jan Family

Have you ever had the dream of creating art with your entire family? Having a sort of a big workshop where everyone participates, and we talk about it during the meals, and have fun doing it all together... If this idyllic vision has been yours, but the family just wasn't up to it - do what a few Danish artists in London did - create one. It's really as simple as that: call yourself the Jan Family (no, actually, that one's taken), or any other thing, and just be a family. With a little luck and effort your offspring will be as pretty as Jan Family's page. Their art is very diversified, ranging from songs to photos to net art, but it has a certain elegance about it which makes it quite appealing and easy to watch. Slightly too nice? Maybe not in the real world. And then, it seems like the internet spectator is a little abandoned sometimes, without a clue as to what he is watching. Which can be nice. Sometimes. Well, but go see the site and judge by yourselves.
(via r-echos)


nicole said...

this web page doesn't seem to work! do you have any other resources for viewing the jan family's work?

thank you!
nicolelavelle at gmail

vvoi said...

yes, for some reason it seems to have disappeared... i have no clue where to lok for them, besides a book they published a short while ago...

Anonymous said...

Actually the Jan Family's name isn't just a random name that these artist have picked up somewhere. They all have the name "Jan" in their whole names. That's where the name comes from.


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