Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sculpting your way out of sculpture?

"It is clear that I often craved to bring sculpture into a more direct involvement with the common experience of living.

At such times I felt there must be a more direct way of contact than the rather remote one of art.

Initially this may have been no more than an attempt to move beyond the narrowing horizons of artistic sensibility.

It bothered me that art so soon became a style with little creation added to its production.

Why should the artistic imagination be so contained, or be unequal to the broadening scope of our world awareness?"
- Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988), A Sculptor's World (1968)

All the pictures are of works by Isamu Noguchi. In order of appearance:
Lunar Infant (1944)
Artist's studio, New York City(1945)
Detail of Playscapes, Atlanta, Georgia (1975-76)
Energy Void (1971)
Large Walking Box (1952)
The Garden of Peace, UNESCO, Paris


f said...

bello. I like the way you analyse objects as such. it is like you can touch it

f said...


gosto bla bla bla


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