Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sweet, sweet art

The Polish National Gallery of Contemporary Art Zachęta has just announced it will have publicity in the form of candy. (No, not a sculpture of candy. Just candy.) This is the result of an open contest, won by Michał Rokita, a 24-year-old architecture student from Krakow. The candy is to be distributed not just to cultural venues, but also to supermarkets. Rokita says he wants it (and Zachęta) to be publicized (a commercial for a commercial?) as a cure for sadness, pessimism, lack of culture and monotony of everyday life. It will be packaged in a similar way to medicine, with a special information note containing the Gallery program. A box of the artsy sweets is to be very cheap, costing about 2 złoty (0,5 euro). The suggested flavor is llemon.

(via Gazeta Wyborcza)


carla said...

that really sounds nice.

It's original, clever and tasty.

carla said...

...Although chocolate is a better idea...


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