Friday, July 29, 2005

Birdwatching (1)

During the Serpa seminar, I did some filming. The goal was a specific type of (experimental) documentary, but the bad quality of sound made it unviable. One of the filmed sequences, though, came out amazing: a group of birds flying around in the setting southern sun.

Every time I saw the material, I became fascinated with the moving image, its fluidity, its combination of harmony and power and playfulness, the games of shadows and highlights. The entire scene lasts less than a minute, probably about 30 seconds. On the other hand, it seems just the right amount of starting material.
But for what?


carla said...


your micro doc has beautiful images, specially the the you refered. Why don't you put that on your site...They are really worthy to see... Maybe it would be nice... even to remember

carla said...

Of course if it is possible to do so... People will get curious...

vvoi said...

Thanks, Carla. For now it's technically impossible. But hopefully I'll have some other stuff you'll like.


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