Saturday, July 16, 2005

Remapping the world

Mappingworlds is an initiative of changing social (and international) awareness through redesigning maps through non-geographical criteria, such as hospitality, asylum applications, or rivers and floods (okay, that one's geographic).



Theodore Diran Lyons III said...

This is very interesting...the EU is so different than the US that it boggles my mind at times. But I'll save that for later...

I posted this below where it specifically pertained, in case you don't catch it down there...sorry to enter this thread concerning "art blogging" late. I agree with a lot of the points you make or questions that can be raised involving blogging in general. My personal take even with the short time of reading your thoughts is that you should continue writing in the blog arena fearlessly [who cares what this guy wrote:], but also be putting together a text - essay or book - that really looks at aesthetics/art/contemporary issues. Your writing is rarely pedantic but challenging, and there seems to be a shortage of new voices emerging in the aesthetic/philosophical area. We could use a let up on people like Danto's part and see people like VVOI step in! I'll try to join you. Writing is just as much an important component of an artist's practice as is the production itself. Maybe that is too "Newman" "Smithson" "Kosuth" "Gaines" "Green" - esque, but I believe it like I believe the sun will rise tomorrow, regardless of what Hume says. Go get them! In the words of Nietzsche: "More creation, more energy, more illusion, more will!"

vvoi said...

theo, you're my man! :))


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