Saturday, July 30, 2005


Is there a surface that goes beyond itself? How deep does it go? Can we go so far to the surface of the picture, we go beyond it? It is only skin, matched and resampled as in a game, as in a text. And what are they really saying through the skin? This is who we are? This is what we are? Identity? So close? So quick, so easy?

Tokyo I
Cape Town I
Buenos Aires

Selected pictures from The Nude Adrift Portfolio, by Spencer Tunick (at the Guy Hepner Contemporary gallery in London)

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Hans said...

Yes, naked and clicks, but anyway bad photos and bad art in my opinion.
Why did you mention that stuff ? Still the best is the one from Tokio maybe, because in our European interest in seeing Japanese Woman naked. I think that photo is somehow a good one, because of those true women, but the whole conception of the serie failed maybe ?


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