Monday, April 11, 2005

The new art of modem dance

Night stage : A big snow monkey appears in the center of the pond during a night stage produced by American modem dance artist Robert Wilson at a press preview for the 2005 World Exposition in Nagakute, Aichi prefecture.
This note was found on Yahoo news. I am usually against laughing at spelling mistakes, but this one is too much. You see, as many of you must know, Robert Wilson is not a "modern dance artist". He is a theater director and designer. From what I managed to learn, he created a choreography (or maybe rather: stage movement) for the above-mentioned Japanese event. One ignorant journalist copied this information off another, off another, until we got a modem dance artist. Which is nice, and should inspire all of us to new inter-disciplinary work.
In case you're curious about Wilson's art, here and here and here are some good starting points.
Oh, and here is an example of Robert Wilson's designing imagination (click on the image for more):
A Chair with a Shadow

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