Saturday, April 02, 2005

Mail Art

A couple of days ago there was an article at Fallon and Rosof's artblog about excellent recent mail art works. I figured many people probably aren't even sure if they know what mail art is, living in the digital era and all... And now I remembered there is a great site,, where you can not only learn about mail art, but also participate in mail art initiatives around the world. If you're an "established artist", you might feel this is childish (then again, don't take yourself so seriously!), if you're a beginner, an amateur, an aspiring star or a complete outsider, this could be your chance to do something new and original in the era of virtual communication. The projects come from many places around the world. Some of the ideas go deep, some are intimate or fairly difficult to execute, others seem things off the top of the head. Here is an example of the offers you'll find on the site:

THEME: Draw me a "Terrorist"


Info: For my publication please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique.

Deadline: 09.11.2005

Artist: Jeroen Teunen / 6 Muschamp Road / London SE15 4EF / United Kingdom /

Posted: 01.04.2005

Other, less perfect, sites about/with mail art, can be found here and at this mail art webring.
If you still think mail art is dead, check out this blog of the International Union of Mail Artists, created by artist Ruud Janssen, and containing all the links you'll need to discover this wonderful universe.

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Ruud Janssen said...

Hi There,

Thanks for the link. I returned the favour and added a link on my blog as well ( Actually this link shows up on all the 250 pages of the blog and on the growing number of pages as well. Will get your blog more in the picture for sure...



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