Thursday, April 21, 2005

More dada, andada, andada

If you think dada netart makes sense and is a never-drying creek of creativity, check out Grafik Dynamo.
Here, the pictures are chosen from the net at random, and then combine with texts (randomly chosen, of course) from a comic book.

Personally, I am now getting a little tired of all these "chance operations" and the supposedely wonderful things I am to arrive at while looking at accidents. Hazard is a dangerous things - it makes you believe in luck, and makes you associate luck with meaning, with sense, and it all just starts to fit too nicely.
At least it's funny.

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kc said...

Thanks for your comment over on my blog vvoi. It's really good to find your site--i've learned a lot from browsing your posts. Do you know I am part of that collective. It seems like something you know or might like to know. -kris


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