Sunday, April 03, 2005

Identical paintings by two different painters

This is just a curiosity, but I enjoyed it.
Two painters painted the same painting.
No, not 3 centuries ago. In 2004/5.
And not just anybody - Damien Hirst is one of the two (the painter Michael Luther being the other one).
The paintings are reproductions of a news photo.
(And of course, neither artist knew of the other one's project)
Several possible interpretations:
1. Anything is possible in the connect-the-dots painting era.
2. The concept is what counts - and it is quite different in both cases.
3. Great minds think alike.
4. Lazy minds create similar copies of other people's pictures.
Any other options?


skippy said...

we talked about hirst a couple of days ago...

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has ever painted anything and were any good at it, would simply appreciate the work. Anyone who calls it "connect the dots" or "copy" simply has no idea of the amount of work (and talent) that makes a painting. It is easy to judge other's work... but why not show us how it is done instead?


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