Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mechanical Performance is back - with a vengeance

If the writes about the Survival Research Laboratories, they are definitely in. Here is who they are:
Survival Research Laboratories was conceived of and founded by Mark Pauline in November 1978. Since its inception SRL has operated as an organization of creative technicians dedicated to re-directing the techniques, tools, and tenets of industry, science, and the military away from their typical manifestations in practicality, product or warfare. Since 1979, SRL has staged over 45 mechanized presentations in the United States and Europe. Each performance consists of a unique set of ritualized interactions between machines, robots, and special effects devices, employed in developing themes of socio-political satire. Humans are present only as audience or operators.

Just shows you how easy it is to get people to respect you as an artist: 1. Make a lot of sparks. 2. Keep making a lot of sparks for 27 years.

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