Thursday, August 20, 2009

Transparent games continued

Now that there is no essence, we ask: how is it to see through you? What sort of filter are you?
Now that there is no common subject, no us, we say: what is this sum of subject and object?
Now that the body is not enough, and that it stops us as ridiculously as ever, we say: what is so common about this object? What is it about it that is so transparent, and what does this absence, this oppressive absence, taste like when accepted?

The paintings are by Johan Schaefer, the photos - Khristian Mendoza.


Beaver said...

I love this stuff, I wish my mind worked that way.

r4 said...

I really love this it was simply awesome

hdmi cable said...

The images in this post are fabulous and the beauty of these images is they all are transparent.

Nicole said... verdad me encanta el juego de veladuras en una estetica fantasmal y a la vez dinamica!!!
excelente trabajo!

maria petrides said...

Great images and transparency in text!
generally a fantastic blog.


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