Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Freezing frames

Welcome back! A special welcome to my friends in Lisbon, Warsaw, Brussels, Montreal, Paris, Georgia, Coimbra, and to all the others who have been dropping by to see if I'm back yet. I'm really happy to find that you seem as anxious to see new art as I am.

Now, back to business.
For starters, let's take it nice and easy.
A few charming games with the stop-motion technique (taking still pictures and turning them into a film):
Pika Pika is an animated light pen/flashlight project, with some impressive results. (notice these are all GIF animations and not films). It inspired some other grassroots projects, here made to a remix of 3-year-old vocal artist MC Leozinho.

Their Circular Life is about time passing. Don't be misguided by the simplicity of the concept - to make something of this purity and precision must have been extremely difficult. Elegant, delicate, to the point. I just wish they spared us the philosophizing in the introduction. The work could really do without someone else thinking about it for us, or suggesting a reading that I, for one, find diminishing, not opening new horizons. That's why I would recommend skipping the introduction.

Finally, Human Space Invaders, part of the Game Over series by Guillaume Reymond from the French design group NOTsoNoisy. It will certainly remind some of you of the Human Tetris, but it has its own original style. It's also hilarious, but more sophisticated. It's impressive how even in these "simple" games with games the execution, the form says so much.

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