Tuesday, August 18, 2009

After the Party

The duporet bujany (translating as something like "ass-rocker") was found at poor design. Poor is the author of several clever designs, the most known being the "peg" pendrive. The design is funny, unfortunately as the owner of one such peg I am less enthusiastic about its practicality.
I prefer when he creates poor objects in all honesty - like this "uncovering lamp".
Plexiglas object which gives no light but at least it does not shut off light either. Additionally, it can serve as a stand for a classical lamp with a clamp changing it in a traditional bedside lamp.

Or take this spike:
Perfect for hangovers.


oyu said...

nice;)i want all.

Rondell said...

Speaking of some good design, y'all bought one of them Shamwows yet? They ubsorbant as hell! It only take one wipe to clean the Koolaid up off the floor

vvoi said...

lol. rondell, this is the most unexpected way of promoting one's blog i've ever seen... ;)


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