Monday, August 17, 2009

Keeping up the party spirit

  • the paintings are by Jeff Soto.
  • the chair for partying till you drop is by Sebastian Brajkovic.
  • and the look-what-I-found-upon-returning-to-the-hotel-room photo was taken by the great Cormac Hanley (an interview with him is here, although I must add that his admiration for Michael Mann goes strongly against my conclusions after seeing his last film)


R Sweetapple said...


Cormac said...

Hey Vvoi,
Thanks. And seriously, apart from Colin Farrell's moustache in Miami Vice, Mr Mann can build atmosphere and intensity. Really. (I've yet to view his latest)

Best regards

Solveig Margret said...

hey. cool blog!
whats going on in warschau?

berlin loves you!

s rock said...

i like the photographix!

Carla Fedje said...

That last picture with the rabbit is seriously great. Very spooky.


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