Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mobile art

Yes, it's here. And not just some flaky flowers or christmas trees or your favorite Monet. I'm talkin' all the hypest artists you've heard about (unless you're like me, then most of them you haven't heard about). On your mobile. For the humble price of $1.99 each. Yes, this means it's US only. And yes, the artists are American or Americanish ( e.g. Jorge Naranjo, whose work is above, is of Mexican origin).
This retail art gallery for your cell phone is brought to you by Start Soma, the San Francisco gallery for emerging artists.

1 comment:

Association L'art, ce livre! said...

I have really liked the artists.
Some of them, let me think of American artist Matthew Rose:

We can see his work there =>

Happy Holidays


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