Thursday, December 22, 2005


The image above, by Matt Smear, is a Christmas gift for Grijsz. And for anyone who would like to receive it.


Hungry Hyaena said...

Terrific! I might have to work this into a post at HH, giving both you and Mr. Baldes due, of course.

Thanks. And Happy Holidays.

893 said...

Hello! Thanks for liking the George Bush Gifford! But I am the one who made it, and I'm not Peter Baldes. My name is Matt Smear. Hi!

vvoi said...

Hi! Sorry... Thank you for the correction! I changed the text already.

Hans said...

Hi VVOI, thank you for this nice nice present, how did I deserve it ;-) Afew weeks in Berlin depressed me very much, but back in Tbilisi I am looking forward to new interactions. Thank you ! Hans

Josué said...

bem fixe

Anonymous said...

Its beatiful present! Thanks..

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