Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Michael Hutter and the sex of death

Michael Hutter is a painter, a visual artist in the classical meaning of the word. Some of his pieces seem combinations of Dali and Beksiński. Others are closer to sci-fi yet others seem games with painting conventions. Take his The Girl and Death (2005), echoing as if in a crazy mirror the romantic works of the likes of Munch or Schiele. This time, though, sexuality is present in a different, contemporary and self-ironic way:

And then, there are his erotic engravings, full of tension and strange perversions. Even the most innocently sexual scenes take place in somewhat creepy settings. The idyllic stories have dark backgrounds, as if innocence, here, was just a cover-up, a play-on-words.


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I really enjoy that your writing is so versatile in subject matter. You seem to not favor technological works over installation, or traditional media over cutting edge, but anything and everything becomes worthy of critical analysis. It also makes it enjoyable to never know what we are going to get served next!


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