Thursday, April 06, 2006

Space Invaders

I completely forgot about them. Space Invaders. Are they the cutest thing? Or are they simply a street-art version of Nike? A proof that the "alternative" world is also easy to manipulate into "fun symbols"? Or are they simply fun?


Slow Motion, Quick Thinking said...

Those cute guerilla-art space-invaders have been around on street corners in Amsterdam for I guess 5-6-7 years.
So I don't think Nike has anything to do with it.
Made out of mosaic tiles.
I've also seen them in other cities, so maybe it's a group of people, or the artist travels a lot.
I would guess that they are somehow Amsterdam based, because we have a lot of them, all over town.

polve said...

I think its a french guy who started it in paris. If you find all the space invaders in one town and drag a line between them, it will reveal a gigantic space invader on the map. Cool. I`ve seen them both in paris and amsterdam.

Indy Space Invader said...

I've been invading Indianapolis, IN with my own version of the space invaders for a couple of years now.


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