Saturday, April 01, 2006

By popular demand

Since the Richter quote seemed to bring some interesting questions (thanks Theo and Hans! I knew I could count on you!), here is some more fuel...

"pure painting is inanity, and a line is interesting only if it arouses interesting associations"

"The Photo Pictures [a series of photo-realistic paintings by Richter - Vv]: taking what is there, because one's own epxeriences only make things worse."
"Using chance is like painting Nature - but which chance event, out of all the countless possibilities?"

and finally, an apparently trivial one that I like a lot. Concerning an exhibition:
"The one thing that frightens me is that I might paint just as badly."


Hans said...

"pure painting is inanity, and a line is interesting only if it arouses interesting associations"

Yes, I fully agree. Richter is smart, because he has so many painting experiences in his back.

I am doubtfull on the "Onkel Willi" (or what was his name?) - a non painting (no colours) becomes a political plate. And one of the first political statements in German art after the war and with a pretty hot topic, as an good-bad Uncle like him, every german family has. I do not like, that the image gets so overpowered by the impact behind. But of course it was worth a try, but unbearable to stand that endless variations by the Luc Tuymans today.

One of the really successful works "Betty" gets its magic for me less from the great realism, but from the turn away from the visitor, this great invention of composition and drama. So here again he is less a painter but more an image inventer.

The landscapes gave me always a feeling of dissatisfaction. They are waving between the (so-thought) most top surface and the most back surface of the canvas back and forth. The unsharpness sometimes becomes a manner. Eyes searching for fix points.

How do you Vvoi like Richters Mirrors and the Gray Paintings ?

Anonymous said...

To love art is to love the dream of a better life, a better future, a better self worth. Love your body and love your soul


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