Monday, March 14, 2005

Video Contest

I still haven't forgotten the promised posts (not that anyone asked...). I hope I'll have some time this week to sit down and write them. But if you're impatient, do something of your own - send that art video you've kept in the drawer for so long to a famous gallery!
The wonderful South London Gallery, which hosted artists from Gilbert & George to Christian Boltanski, is now creating a video library. Here is what they have to say to you:

Would you like to show your video or film work at the SLG? Following the recent success, with both artists and visitors, of our new video and DVD library, we are extending our request for submissions. Visitors can continue to enjoy a drink in the SLG lounge and watch tapes from our growing library of artists’ videos and DVDs. If you would like to submit a tape for inclusion in the library please contact Sara Raza on 0207 703 6120 or send it to the Gallery.

If you're still not sure if the Gallery is the right place to present your pure talent, see their web page. And keep me posted on the results!

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