Thursday, March 24, 2005

Digital Graffiti

I found this info on the Ars Electronica Futurelab project page:
In the future, cell phone users will be able to leave messages anywhere in the form of what might be termed electronic post-its. They will be able to post virtual messages referring to a specific location wherever they are needed.
What's the use? I think they're still not sure. Here's an example from the site:
Say, for example, that you’ve arranged to meet a friend for a stroll round town. While on your way you can simply leave a digital graffito, for instance at the arranged meeting point: “Just looking at a few CDs in the store opposite, come and join me.” If you wanted to send your friends the same message by SMS you would have to send every single one a separate message. This would be far more time-consuming.
Now, if it seems to you like they're hiding something, you're wrong. They're not hiding it:

Advertising messages could be placed in front of stores to draw attention to special offers. Anyone in the mood for shopping could switch on the advertising mode and wander from one offer to the next. People in a hurry simply switch this mode off.

I believe we've seen it in the Minority Report. Now it's becoming reality. What does it have to do with art? Well, do you know Banksy, The Exterior Art specialist? (we-make-money-not-art recently described Banksy's last "performance")

Imagine him, and all the other happy kids, having this new, wonderful digital toy.

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