Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Art gone curious

Another discovery brought to you by Fallon and Rosof's artblog: James Leonard and his art. At his webpage, you can discover little marvels of contemporary art: Dutch apple pies, lost phone conversations, comments on Iraq, water balloons and artificial hearts.
The works are based on "intellectual games" (Two monkeys' cudgel), well thought-out concepts (Lunar phases), and a very strong stance in regards to the world ( Scratch n sniff). Some pieces are too light for my taste, like My mother's dutch apple pie, which is basically a gastronomical piece more than anything else (something not that new if you come from the theater/performance world), and though I like the humor in it, the "buzz" created by giving out only six plates at any given time does not seem enough to make me buzz in my head. Then again, I haven't tasted the pie! Many of the works seem to have the care and touch of really great art (from what I can tell on the screen...), though some seem a little neglected in how they are shown. Also, I think Leonard explains too much about his works. He seems to be desperate to show their quality - and doesn't always let us dream by ourselves... But thanks for the good work!

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