Monday, October 12, 2009

The Wild Things Are In Forts

Some of my favorites from the Wild Things' Forts contest by Booooom, where you can send in your picture of a fort....
Here's the explanation:

Where The Wild Things Are is filled with references to building a world out of things from your everyday life and that’s exactly what we want you to do!

We want you to create a fort! Use garbage bags, tree branches, tablecloths, prosthetic limbs, wood, gold, whatever you got!

Snap a photo, and email it to me, here.

Winner gets a “Wild Things” Edition XBOX plus a magnificent bus shelter-sized Where the Wild Things Are poster not available in stores!

Contest ends next Monday (October 12th), so get on it!


nintendo ds zubehor said...

Thats great job. You are making the best use of waste and it has shown some good results as well.

Telephone Problem said...

I just realized that there's almost nothing really that comes to my mind and remind me of the good old times. You know, tens and hundreds of years ago...

Ambroziak said...

haha, wow i was just searching for art blogs and happened across yours. and when i went to the next page BAM! there is my fort! mine is the bottom one you posted. ace.


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