Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Expecting Creator Of Matter

Watch the edges; yet another birth, another coming-to, another attempt at elucidation, lucid, try lucidity, for a change, just watch the edges, and also, try to aim at the opaque, but where's the opaque in the translucid, and how, how does it

Elucidation: an act of explaining that serves to clear up and cast light on. The splendid, harsh ambiguity of words, the clustering of them, the annoying coming-to, they do not leave us they do not, they do not leave us, an act of explaining, take that, an act, ex-plain, serves, clear, clear up, cast, cast, cast, light. On.

And as it is happening, you watch it take shape, this thing, this event, this work, this thing-in-work-in-process, which is you in the stupidest of senses, you have been feeding it and yes, you were the, the ur-text, but what with it, the bone, the rib, the biblical Eve, so clearly not you, going elsewhere, as you watch

All works by Loris Cecchini.


giuseppe sprovieri said...

Displacement's archives document the continuous transfer of itself. To each of the participants to the project it is in demand to realize photos of itself in the context of various panoramas, exhibiting in the hand the postcard of his/her own place of origin.

Khat Fish said...

This is awesome! Thanks

Primitive said...

The third image reminds me of kaprow's "yard!" installation for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I love these images, they're so engaging.
You should check out this video by Ella Montclare. She has put together a video that highlights the true effort that goes into making a video yourself. If you're running things on a small budget and still trying to achieve something beautiful it takes an enormous amount of effort, sweat and tears and I think this video shows this

Anonymous said...

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