Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lightness is Difficult

As a wise man once said, life is serious, art is lighthearted. And this very description is what I find the most difficult about creating art. There is a tremendous distance between the seriousness of living a life (yes, even an artist's life...), and the light that the art requires.
Or is it the heart?

Both works are by Collier Schorr.


KazeArt said...

Very inspiring paintings indeed.. :)

Gary Mchale said...

Nice artwork. Amazing how the eye and brain work when looking at an image.

شغف said...

that's what I was searching the internet about: the question ( how? )
how to leave all this heaviness (not only seriouseness) behind, and creat lightness in art? how to ra-capture the first flame again?


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