Monday, September 28, 2009

In Hiding

Works by Janine Antoni (the first one is a sculpture - a cast of the artist - and not a photo of a performed action, as is the case with the second one).
And as a bonus, a work by her called Umbillical (2000), made of a "sterling silver cast of family silverware and negative impression of artist's mouth and mother's hand".


Salih Cengiz said...

Imagine that there ara too many visionary sculptures around the world. I wish it will be possible.

Kelly said...

I love her work! I always have! its great to see her work on here and be able to express how big a fan I am! i just saw a new show of hers in New York and she is a wonderful artist.

Gene said...

I am really fascinated by the gold figure sculpture, if that's what it is. Very unusual, but definitely falls into that higher category of avant-garde installation.


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