Monday, August 20, 2007

Trying to make a frog fly

K’ung-fu-tzu (Confucius) by mi-mi (Mila Kalnitskaya and Micha Maslennikov)

Notice this is real.
Notice the starting point is water.
Notice the frog has no choice but to fly.
Notice she doesn't seem to care.
Notice we hardly have a way of knowing.


PS: From an interview about the performers in the various pictures:
Confucius is unequivocally a Shakespearian character. He is superb in tragic roles. If the project could continue, he would make a remarkable King Lear.


Scorpius said...

Amazing picture!
Love it.

L.M. said...

I know an artist named Bill Burns who has done a large series of safety gear for animals. His is charming, funny and beautifully crafted, but even with that work in mind, I find this image surprising and exquisite.

mama said...

I wish she/he? could fly in front of my window!

borrie said...

do you think that frog likes to be a part of your shitty art?? i don't think so!

Anonymous said...

seriously this is such a cruel use of your leisure time

old art

minoliti said...

no al uso de animales en el arte...por favor


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