Friday, August 24, 2007

Opening doors. Hand in Hand.

I never thought opening doors could be an erotic experience. And yet, the very form of a hand brings us to a very sensible-sensual situation. It's probably an alter ego thing. A Pygmalion thing. And, as all naturalist sculptures are, a somewhat creepy thing as well. This charming Hand-le was made by Naomi Thellier de Poncheveille.



Hans said...

Hi Vvoi, best greetings from the Caucasus from Hans. I haven't been in Tbilisi for almost 2 month, will be more active with blogreading end oft September. Best regards

merdinhas said...

The art of shaking hands...nice to meet your blog.

Tomas said...

Would you please post few comments on my art work at click on link'home' and vew it.

Yours faithfully

Anonymous said...

As a door knob design, I would have to say this is the best. The idea behind the piece is great. I actually had to take a second look at what the piece was so it was effective at grabbing the attention of me as a viewer. Overall, i wouldn't mind having a hand to shake when entering and leaving a room.

Anonymous said...

nie byles w sopockim spatifie nigdy?
tam taka klamka zrobiona brzez artyste, niepamietam jakiego zegna wychodzacych z knajpy gosci..

vvoi said...

Apparently there is a doorknob like this one on the entrance door of an art club in the Polish city of Sopot. No, dear anonymous, I've never been there... Next time will check it out for sure!

Chat M said...

A beautiful artistic joke !


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