Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The performance is almost on. I have been working 12+ hour days, but at this moment everything seems fairly okay.
What can I tell you so far...
The performance could be considered somewhere within performance art, street theater, documentary theater, installation or street art. It's called Monomads (Monómadas), from "nomad" and "monad". The performers will be using performative helmets (hehe). The point of departure is the nomad state - which in the urban context means mainly (though not exclusively) homeless people. Oh, and expect a rare intimacy. For good or bad.
The performance takes place in Lisbon, at the Largo de Camões (right in the center), on May 4-5-6, from 11PM to 2AM. To get an insight you need about 10 minutes, for a deeper insight you need probably about 30-40 minutes. So if you're around, drop by to see Performaria (that would sound something like Performery in English). And if not - I'll be back here as soon as I can - with a quick review of how it went - and then, the usual...

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Theodore Diran Lyons III said...

Congrats! Good to see all the hard work paying off. Will there be a video to watch here if we are chained to FL during finals week???

Keep up all the hard work!


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