Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Performative helmets

Two additional pictures of the performative helmets from the Monomads performance.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vvoi!

Iwas wondering if you could give me some tips about visual poetry, especially in what concerns to instalations... I might be busy with your work but if some good and quick examples come s to your head could you just post it here.

I'm working on the final project of a course I'm doing right now I must present some artistic contexts.

Go on with the good work


vvoi said...

oh, gosh, i hate these open questions... :)
i am certain you can find a lot more in any good bookstore than i could possibly suggest. i remember seeing some interesting work by rebecca horn at the ccb that had to do with visual poetry... but here are a couple of names that sometimes make things i would call visual poetry (though might be distant from what is some accepted definition): Sophie Calle (something with a hotel room, for instance), douglas gordon, tino sehgal, barbara kruger, jenny holzer, bill seaman...

Anonymous said...

THAMKS Vvoi!!!

Keep going with the good work



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