Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Video of my performance

At last, here it is: the video document from the performance/installation I directed a couple months ago (together with Verónica Fernandes). The performance was made by the theater group of the Superior Institute of Social and Political Sciences in Lisbon (ISCSP). The video was shot by Sérgio d'Almeida.
Since the performance was site-specific (or site-related, to be safe...), it is simply impossible to recreate it. It was a piece that was based on intimacy and sharing, and that is just about impossible to convey on film, unless the film is not related to the event. It came out quite different to the actual event, somewhat darker and, as I mentioned, more distant.
I had a dilemma concerning the spoken words. I didn't think it was crucial to give translation, but if you don't know what someone is saying, it can be so frustrating you think you're missing out on something. So I did translate the fragments, omitting just the parts that are closer (how close?) to music/soundtrack than to an actual spoken text. For your information, here is the translation of the words that are spoken out in those parts:

tu: you
tudo [tuh-duh]: everything/all
tenho [teh-nyo]: I have
tédio [teh-d-you]: tedium, ennui, boredom

I could write about it for a long time, but let me just explain that "Entre" (the title of the piece) in Portuguese means "enter" (as in: "to enter" or "please enter"), as well as "between".

(The film file's URL: Link)

update 24.08: I have uploaded a lighter (9Mb) version of the film.


Rogério Nuno Costa said...

foi neste grupo que comecei a fazer teatro, já lá vão quase 10 anos...

gostei do vídeo. parabéns.


Brock Neilson said...


I have never seen anything like it. I have a few interpratations of the film but I really want you to tell us more about it. It isn't very often that I get to see that type of work and I really enjoyed it a great deal.

I hope you will do another post on it and write more about it.

vvoi said...

Thank you both for your very kind words. I might write some more about it, but I am currently starting several new projects, so hopefully I'll have some fresh stuff fairly soon.

Brock Neilson said...


carla said...

It is interesting the actors/performers going up and down with writings, but it's not possible to get a clear idea of the performance. Sorry but can make a compliment of the show but I can make a good compliment of the video. I like it very much not only because of the good shots, editing, etc... but because it give us a notion of how it feels not have been there...



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