Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mona Lisa revisited (yet again)

I know, I know this is too easy. But somebody had to do it. And I shouldn't be always so damn serious.


carla said...

I had no reaction at all when I saw the postcards. Am I in a bad day or those Mona Lisas have no... Well they don't have nothing at all. It is not interesting, not amusing but it could be a good easy marketing. But just give a break... At least the "artist" could have chosen another art icon (stereotipe, fetish, wathever) to do that. I find sad to Know that mona lisa still: LHOQ, and so does art in general (of course there are some good exception and i'm thankfull for that).

Nevertheless Vvoitekito, I'm not directing these words to you. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that the articles you blog makes reflect and this is one of them.

Hans said...

Yes, do more of it. Especially I like the first and the third. There must be some reason behind, that you did those... ;-),but wich ?

vvoi said...

grijsz my dear, did you follow the link? what i found interesting was that someone at last "did more of it". (no, it wasn't me).(and that's nor really my style anyway ;))

Hans said...

;-( oh, shit, now I followed the link...

But, anyway. There was a better artist from Eastgermany- Strawalde- doing that kind of overpaintings much better in the 70s and 80s. He was very a very influential teacher for Young Eastgerman Artists then, f.e. for A.R.Penck

See this serie of Postcardoverpaintings of Liotards Schokoladenmädchen from Galerie Alte Meister Dresden on Strawaldes Webseite here:

to see the next painting click the Link "Nächstes Bild"

PS I bought a signed Catalogue of this in 1994 in Berlin, on it is also a pencil drawing by Strawalde.

Anonymous said...

The mona lisa postcard project is a small part of San Francisco artist, Michael Rosenthal's, ebay art project.
Rosenthal purchased 100 painting on ebay and gave tem to 30 artists around the country to transform. It can be viewed at


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