Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yes yes

Yes yes light
make it light seemingly insignificant (which makes it significant precisely because you add the seemingliness) make it a combination of insignificants of knee-jerk intellectual reactions
Yes yes make it a structure a game we play a play we game a thing is a thing is a think
Yes yes perform it make it outdo itself
See it grow as if spontaneously (if possible, try to avoid as ifs)
Yes be precise about your incoherent professional skills
Make every move count
Indecently attractive
Have a conversation pretend to have a conversation pretend your words pretend your words
Be arrogant dress down move down speak down
Be understandable practice clarity
Yes practice lightness

trailer "to allege" from cie public in private- on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

We love, love, love your blog! Really cool+ super-inforrmative.
We've been to an amazing contemporary art show the other day by a young German painter...maybe you wanna check it out:


Greetings from Europe,

Birdy and Bambi

Peter Andersan said...

Amazing photos here! I do love your blog but don't comment often. I'm here though, so keep up the good work!

EdT said...

Really great poem. To me it is speaking towards being free in personality and to have a give and take with conversation with everyone you meet.

Oscar said...

Love your blog and like this photos!!

xasak said...

I really like your poem and I will come here again for some interesting poem more


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