Friday, February 12, 2010


Who is it for?
Oh, what a dreadful question.
How embarrassing, how belittling, how pitiful.

1: what is the music?
2: can't we think of circumstances where it doesn't matter?
3 (with some leftovers): but aren't we losing something essential here? Some mistery we break to put it all into the social gesture, as if art really could be effective, as if it ever were, but what does that mean, how do we measure it, but doesn't it become too close to being measurable?
4: can't it be enjoyable? Can't it be blatantly focused on the audience?

This, of course, does not mean it can't be personal. On the contrary, one could openly use this focus and transform it through the connection of the two sides, as in Dan Graham's Performer/Audience/Mirror. But this ever-sacriligeous focus on the audience need not be objectifying, or at least not so openly. Think of applying the concept to the personal, the intimate. What sort of audience are we then?

Part 2 etc

How close to us. Ever closer.
Until, say, we reach the peak, we go beyond the intimate, beyond the sapiens, we give the monkey a camera, dreamfuly believing this is what the monkey sees, dreamfuly hoping (with a tad of gentle self-irony) that this picture, taken by our object, of us, brings us closer, tells us something more about this subject, when in fact it once again brings us back to who we are, as an audience, an audience that acts.
(more pictures taken by Nonja can be found here)


Ofelia Botella. said...

the veronique doisneau video was fantastic! i take ballet since i was like...5 or something, and i love it, but this video was so modern and so sincere... it really shows how the ballet world goes, and when she sang and danced at the same time, just like when we practise for ourselves.. it was really touching to see that in the opera. also, great blog,i love reading your posts on modern art, keeping uo to date!

vvoi said...

hi ofelia!

i'm not a ballet afficcionado, and still, 'veronique doisneau' gives me shivers every time i see the video.
thanks for dropping by, come back soon! :)

Mat said...

Wv,I forgot to tell you how much I am impressed by the Dominique Doisneau's video. It is by all means the most intimate and subtile presentation of classic ballet I ever saw. Full of charm and beauty.

vvoi said...

Jerome Bel, the director/creator of the show "Veronique Doisneau", is a master. He is a real celebrity in the milieu of live art/ contemporary performance, and rightfuly so.
He has a very good, comprehensive sight (google his name), with lots of fragments and conversations.
He also seems (on the videos) quite convinced that he is the master of the universe, which at times is quite true, and other times is just funny.


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