Friday, December 12, 2008

Changing the focus

Halima Bashir meeting with George Bush.
In some cases, getting to a more aesthetic experience means moving away from the knowledge, choosing to forget the information we might have. Here we have a picture that has a very good, rational explanation: an African political activist fears for her life, so in order to remain entirely anonymous, she drapes herself entirely. The cause, peace in Darfur, is very noble, Halima Bashir's story (you have the link above) is shocking.
But this same picture can be seen differently. Here we have the president of the USA in conversation with the Unknown, the absolute Stranger. Here is a confrontation of the American/Western values, aesthetics, mode of functioning (notice the microphones!), attitude (the gesture! the gesture!) with the ghost of another world. It is a beautiful picture, and the most outstanding thing about it is - it's a readymade.


Pablo S. said...

One of the most decompensated images that I have ever seen.

You have a very interesting blog

Anonymous said...

It is overwhelming whenever we hear stories of oppression that lead to people leaving in fear for their lives. Much of the progressive world only understands the surface of the problem on this one. I wonder how much can the US do especially now when it has more pressing priorities such as its economy.

Anonymous said...

Very very brave woman indeed.

Anonymous said...

This is an outstanding picture that, as you stated, seems to hold a multitude of references. With the background of the image you gain an understanding of what is going on. However, at first glance I originally saw it as a very awkward collision of two worlds: the loud, media based, outspoken stereotype of the world North Americans are supposedly accustomed to, and the outcast of the foreign worlds being showcased around ours. Its an insanely bizarre photograph, which at first glance really does land into the "What the hell?!" category!

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