Sunday, July 29, 2007

Parantheses from Barthes' Camera Lucida (1&2)

(this is how life is made up of small solitudes)
(one needs to classify, to group, if one wants to constitute a corpus)
(if it exists)
(a certain photo and not the Photo)
(spoken out)
(from what it represents)
(which happens in the case of any other image, charged since the beginning and by principle with the mode in which the object is simulated)
(professionals can)
(out of commodity it is necessary to accept this universal which, at the moment, only sends us towards the tireless repetition of contingency)
(I believe the sharks, according to Michelet)
(I didn't know yet that out of this stuborness of the referent in being always present would appear the essence of what I was looking for)
(there is no photography without something or someone)
(to take pictures of)
(the voice of science)

all the parantheses from chapters 1 & 2 of Camera Lucidaby Roland Barthes (my translation)

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