Sunday, June 25, 2006

Anne Wenzel: the reference game

I just can't stop thinking of references when I look at Anne Wenzel's work. Is this proof of lack of originality, or of a feel for Zeitgeist, or of knowing how to play with what she sees? Or is it just an obsession of mine...?

Functional Confusions remind me of a work I saw once in Paris (was it by Jeff Koons?) - a pillow made of glass. And of surrealist games.

Here> Arcimbolodo, Dali from the Slave Market... (this is a landscape from sauerkraut and saussage combined with a plastic reindeer)

Yves Klein, as well as some contemporary Japanese art, very happy-like, and a slightly punkish Sarah Lucas kind of thing (also Paul McCarthy - this is butter cream...)
Oh, and notice the dimensions of the last two works : the deer installation is 41cm x 23cm, and this last one is also a model of an exhibition. I find it gives the work a specific lightness that a 1:1 scale wouldn't necessarily have.

And this? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

reminds me also of Charles Krafft

Anonymous said...

Li Yves Klein, os meus olhos brilharam e resolvi deixar aqui isto, que passou bastante recentemente a fazer parte dos meus arquivos de favoritos.

enjoy it

Crescentsi said...


Melvin said...

Thelandscape from sauerkraut and saussage combined with a plastic reindeer makes me queasy again .. Haahaa I'm weird xD

Melvin, Download Games website.


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