Sunday, May 13, 2007

The match made of wood: David Lefkowitz

Some of the most brilliant work being done these days is tautological. (And when that is not bad, it is good). It brings about the best of what is absolutely unspectacular - while managing to keep it at an incredibly low-profile level. It brings about thrilling experiences of the nearly-left-over or nearly-forgotten. At the same time it gets eerily close to both the esoteric and the trivial. And that is a fascinating tension.
If the depth of art cannot be imposed, doesn't that signify there is room for fetching the trivial and bringing it all the way to the esoteric? Isn't this a road we make constantly, constantly redefining what we mean by trivial, and what is too far out?

See more of Lefkowitz here and here. Buy his work here.

PS: Have you noticed how this trunk (named Stump 2 by it's author) is elephant-like?



Catalina said...

Each time you amaze me with the things you post ... comin' in here makes my contemporary art history lessons a fairy tale.
Simply great!

robot said...

I think I may end up quoting you to friends. I can never say the things I want in real conversations.


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