Friday, May 11, 2007


Cathryn Jiggens, Ducky

What is this flight that doesn't take off, what are those hands that do not belong to the body, what are those wings that need rescuing, and this all too closed eye, and this all too open beak? What are the fingers whose tips have drowned?


Enigman said... it A DEAD Duck?

harlequinpan said...

Oh! My God.....please clickhere

vvoi said...

i am afraid it is. you can check out the link to the artist's blog to see more background on it.

Enigman said...

...I thought she looked a tasty bird, very artistic (succulent breast, and all that). What a piece of meat, as the Stranglers might put it (I felt inspired myself, to compose an ode to a strangled duck).


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