Thursday, March 29, 2007

The object-driven touch: Robert Wechsler

What can we control?
What is the part of reality that is actually controllable?
Say, when we take things in our hands.
Applied Geometry (2004)
There is a point where reality simply will not be tampered with. It says only so much.
And the beautiful thing is when someone manages to feel this point and use it, changing the vectors, but keeping the power, the energy, the impulse that the world drives through us.
Does that sound esoteric?
Sanctuary (2005)
What is the fish doing in the church? What is the Holy water doing around the fish? Within the fish? It is all here, and the transgression is only a small part of the game. The name Sanctuary, to me, is not ironic. It is playful, yet strong.

Where do we go from here?
Zebra Print (2006) (H .75"x L 1.25")


Good work, Robert Wechsler.


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Lars Cuzner said...

There seems to be a contradiction between the esoteric and ideas that tell us something about reality, still, we seek unknown ways of being introduced to reality. Perhaps the only thing we can control is the esoteric. Is that why we are getting bored with political, socially critical art? Is this the revival of something that never died. Giving CPR to a beating heart, mouth-to-mouth with tongue. When stale holy water is poured down the drain it doesn't make the sewers holy.


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