Saturday, March 03, 2007

If you read this

If you read this you can keep it.


vvoi said...

Although it's a strange paradox, to be reading about sharing and not be able to actually share. Second-hand beauty? Doesn't that change something? The fact that we need empathy and imagination to put ourselves in a place where we are not? Because if it doesn't really make a difference whether I'm there to receive the badge or here 'just' reading about it, then it puts into doubt the very idea of a live event, the value of presence. Doesn't it?

linfoma_a-escrota said...

um dia derrubaremos o dinheiro em prol da arte laica e não comercializável, um direito, um dever, um instinto natural em produzir todo o tipo de beleza e partilhar, sempre....


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