Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Goldmine Shithouse - The Clown Flippers

Before I post something more extensive about the "recent" grungy, stencilated and mashed-up aesthetics in fine arts, let me introduce you to the Goldmine Shithouse collective. They started off as a fairly loose group of artist friends, who would meet once a week to stir things up, which they then proceed to do. One of them would start a painting, and then pass it on to others. Each work was a chain creation. Out of this group, three people remained: David Hochbaum, Travis Lindquist and Colin Burns. They liked the way it worked for them so much, they started exhibiting their works. It worked. And it is still working three years later.


Hans said...

The same problems seem to have the (not with each other connected) folks of http://painternyc.blogspot.com/

Nothing to say, but going on, somehow like as every statehood of a blinking kaleidoscope also makes a nice but senseless sort of sense. (I exist therefore I exist.)

I am really keen on your anounced analyze "about the "recent" grungy, stencilated and mashed-up aesthetics in fine arts"

Best regards

Kasia said...

dzien dobry
domyslam sie ze rozmawia Pan takze po polsku.
Cykl prac (szukam zrodla tych "cytatow") ktore pokazuje Pan w swoim blogu wydaje mi sie dosc inspirujacy, w moich klimatach i stylistyce graficznej. Mysle ze prace te stana sie dla mnie dobrym punktem orientacyjnym. Sama pracuje graficznie i malarsko. Na strone Pana bloga juz kiedys trafilam, jest bardzo interesujaca. Tym razem wrocilam dzieki Pana komentarzowi w gazeta.pl. Dziekuje. Pozdrawiam z Krakowa

vvoi said...

Kasia - dziękuję bardzo za miłe słowa.
hans - oh, now i feel the pressure! :)


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